June Monthly report USS Archimedes

June Monthly report USS Archimedes

Sim Updates

The Archimedes has a New Commanding Officer ; Commander Joshua Culver, who has passed his Command Training and officially taken command of the ship and imitated the First Mission 'Gravity of the Situation.

Crew Updates

New player, Lieutenant JG Alan Strauss has joined as the Chief Operations Officer.

Commanding Officer Brett Eddington Left Archimedes
Lieutenant Vriaral Dariars Left Archimeded

Story Elements

First Mission under new command started.

M008: The Gravity of the Situation.

Probed Beta Gamma 1147 relayed abnormal Gravitational activity in the Tarsis Star Group. Randomly recurring Gravity waves detected coming from the system; analysis by the limited probe processor give only the multiple Gravity fluctuation in the Solar system. Three colonies are in the Star Group; communications within the Tarsis Star Group has ceased with the Gravitational Activity. The USS Archimedes is dispatched to investigate the Gravitational Activity and establish Communications with the three colonies.

What is waiting for the Archimedes when new Commanding Officer Culver and his crew arrive in the Tarsis Solar System?

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