Majestic June 2020

Majestic June 2020

Sim Updates

No updates to the website or any awards. We're happy with the site and the skin. We're drumming up ideas for the next mission and I think we may have decided on what we're going to do.

Crew Updates

Lost two crew members due to inactivity and no communication and we gained no one. No new awards though it may be time to start thinking about promotions again. That will part of next months report!

Story Elements

The Majestic is just figuring out how to get out of a mess that a time anomaly left them in. Once that is concluded they will be able to continue their mission to Sozon II where the Princess Leyana is expected to the marry the Emperor. Will that actually happen? Who Knows! This might put us on the blacklist for future diplomatic missions . . . . Hmm.

Concurrent to this we have opened up a new idea: While in the anomaly the Majestic was duplicated at the moment of an accident and sent out of the anomaly in the wrong spot. The new copy of Majestic contains all of the same people and is exactly the same ship but exists in an alternate universe where humanity was nearly destroyed by an alien race. This Majestic will have to learn the new ropes and put survival first. Will they abandon their Starfleet ideals or stay the course? This Alternate universe is optional on the ship but so far a lot of fun as Jane and her crew figure out how to keep moving.

Other Information

Playing Characters 13
Actual posts: 20
Participation: Mission Posts 53
Personal Logs 1
Totals 54
Avg Mission Posts / User† 3.79
Avg Personal Logs / User† 0.07
Avg Entries / User† 3.86



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