NX-05 Atlantis – July 2021

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NX-05 Atlantis – July 2021

Sim Updates

Nothing to say on mission changes, , website updates, and major goings-on. We have lots going on IC and a to-do list as long as my arm. Awards wise we won Golden PADD for outstanding creativity (Overall Ship).

Crew Updates

New Players:

Change of Characters:

Loss of Player:
Chief Engineering Officer

Current Open Positions:
Communication Officer
Asst Chief Engineer
Asst Chief Medical Officer
Chief of the Boat
Armoury Officers
Engineering Officer

Story Elements

The Atlantis responds to an automatic distress call and discovers a ship like nothing they have seen before. The ship has everything they ship could use to restock including fuel that is slowly running out.

Where has it come from? Why is there life signs but no signs of life on any deck that the crew go on? And why do cameras and motion sensors seem to activate all by themselves?

Other Information

A slight drop in the crew as we've had so many LOA's and in general summer absences where everyone gets a well deserved break but the story is moving and my crew as usual are awesome with the quality of the stories that we are telling.



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