Obsidian Command – August 2020

Obsidian Command – August 2020

Sim Updates

This is the first month for OC as an active Simm so everything is new. Been bringing the articles, stats, mission notes, etc online all month.

Crew Updates

The current crew is all new this month. First month active.

Story Elements

18 months ago, an aperture formed to a spatial void, attempting to suck the station in. Desperate to save the countless lives, the former skipper of Obsidian Command ordered the immediate evacuation of the Starbase. But eight brave souls stayed behind, to keep the Starbase from being pulled into the void long enough for everyone to escape.

Fast forward 18 months. The USS Vesta discovers a strange signal and steams to Loki to find out what it is. In the process they discover a link to Obsidian Command, the Stardock lost to a spatial disturbance, and in the process stumble on a way to bring the starbase out.

For 18 months, Obsidian Command has been lost in the void with only 8 crew to man an entire Stardock. Systems have been neglected, cannibalized and augmented to suit their needs and the conditions of the void but that's all over now. Now they can focus on rebuilding what they've broken and retuning the station. They've left the void behind.... haven't they?

Other Information

So far everyone's come on and gotten started with their characters. Happy with the progress in just the one month.



Submitted By: Sepandiyar
Posted: September 1, 2020 5:27 am
Updated: September 1, 2020