Obsidian Command – February 2021

Obsidian Command – February 2021

Sim Updates

Nothing major was done to the site this month, but as our mission is winding down I'm brainstorming ideas for some specific awards. More to follow on that throughout the month.

Crew Updates

We didn't have any gains or losses this month, though I am expecting to lose two players officially in March. We'll start up an advertising drive once we clear out this next mission that we're wrapping up. It'll be easier to get people aboard in a calm.

Story Elements

The enemy attacking Obsidian Command has been brought to heel by the arrival of the Alexander and a flotilla of support vessels the Admiral brought to the fight. As we go into March, we'll resolve this first mission and bring the station fully online so we can get to writing on a fully manned and operational battlest..er... starbase.

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Submitted By: Sepandiyar
Posted: March 1, 2021 5:32 am
Updated: March 1, 2021