Obsidian Command – January 2021

Obsidian Command – January 2021

Sim Updates

-Sim notes on the site were updated to reflect advancements in plot.
-B added a tagging update channel and a mission feed update channel to the sim's discord server and these have helped significantly with keeping people responding to tags and reading along.
-One Post was featured as an OF post spotlight.
-OC threw it's name in the hat for Ongoing Worlds' "Tournament of Simulations Award"- we'll see what happens.

Crew Updates

-no change.
-declined one application

Story Elements

-Personal development plots have continued, some progressing, others... regressing... Fenris Rangers still... Rangering. Flux capacitors... fluxing.

-But the key action this month:
As Engineering began to switch the newly repaired fusion reactors online, systems were cycled down for the reset. But uncannily at that very moment a coalition of enemy forces took the opportunity to try to overtake the station...

-Writers in January wrote events leading up to this attack and posts at its outset. Active Jps continue to compile as we go into February with aftermath to follow coinciding with future plotlines.

Other Information

-Activity is picking up post-holidays, as hoped.



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