Obsidian Command – July 2021

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Obsidian Command – July 2021

Sim Updates

OF Spiky Heart
The Fleet awarded all current sims with a Spiky Heart Award for weathering 2020-21 as a Fleet together.

Golden PADD for outstanding Mission
Obsidian Command– Emergence
As the sim’s leading mission, much had to happen in the grand overall setting, and the absurd background circumstances— a Stardock gone missing in a Voyager-styled ”Void” pocket in space for 18 months, and returned through application of Quantum effects to its original orbit— had to be given detail and substantive weight in the effects on the region of space and on the characters involved in the reestablishment of the station. Hence the Mission led to a battle against conglomerate forces with varied interests in the region to try to keep the destabilization the pirates, criminals, and warlords would much prefer to operate under. This mission all crescendos to a Climactic note at the very outset of the sim that will continue to feed into future missions indefinitely as the events and characters established in ”Emergence” resonate through the station, the planet, the system, and the region over all.

Crew Updates

No new or leaving crew
6 Active 1 LOA

Story Elements

XO's General Story Summary

---Primary "Sanctuary" plot concerning refugees and a faith conference was moved to the back burner while the CO was inundated with work. We're hoping it will pick up again in August.---
-July continued to feature a Backstory shared with the SS Mary Rose, subtitled "Tracking Party" and detailing an away mission in the backstory of a character on either sim.
-Guests from the USS Potemkin added several posts and interacted with the station. One of the key plot points to arise is a collaborative work on an experimental propulsion method the Potemkin's Engineer shared with Commander Quinn.
-The close of the "Under a Rock" series of posts concluded the thread and left hooks for possible others.
-Some quality character development was posted.

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