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Potemkin August ’21

Potemkin August ’21

Sim Updates

Nikki and I have started to keep track of the time it takes to edit each postcast into a listenable format.

We started Season 2 this month. This season will feature a rogue faction of the Romulan Republic. They have already attempted to capture the Potemkin and have destroyed a star to cover their tracks!

XO Notes: Good attendance. excellent writing count. highest yet. (though a lot of catching up on session reports from last month). skipped one Saturday. 2 new players joined the last session!

Crew Updates

We have added two new members to the crew. We have hit 6 players and myself as GM.

We decided that having an in character XO would be needed and very helpful to make the choices during the game play.

Story Elements

The Potemkin came under cyber attack from an unknown source. After resisting the attack the Potemkin was able to trace the source to a long abandoned Tal Shiar base. Searching the base they discover two Starfleet officers held prisoner, and a Borg scout vessel which had been stripped for parts.

In orbit the Potemkin faced off with a trio of Borg enhanced Romulan warbirds.

Other Information

An average of 22 hours will have been spent on editing the podcast.
482 minutes of game play (unedited) and would result in 57.84 SPC
After Editing we will achieve around 291, which is 23.6 SPC



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