USS Potemkin July ’21

USS Potemkin July ’21

Sim Updates

The wordpress website was migrated over from the free site we had to the purpose built domain we now have. We have continued to add to the website and the information we present. Custom made specs images were created for the ships and equipment we use. This coming month we will add more of the common and I will be making specs images for the Crew and NPC's also.

Crew Updates

We are still holding fast at 6 players (me included). We are still actively looking for more to play, a max of two, any more than that and it could take us an age to get anything done.

Story Elements

We have had a slow month. We have only had two sessions but in our last mission we encountered a mirror version of the Potemkin. The crew got to learn what a possible version of their future would look like, and got their first look at the ground forces of the Tenzim.

Our session next week will be the start of our season two, this will run out to the end of November with us taking December off to recover, run a small end of season panel and other fun OCC things.

Other Information

With the first ever voice panel on OF day, and the use of the stage channel and our recording bots and all working the way expected we intend to start using that system as of next session.



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