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Potemkin October ’21

Potemkin October ’21

Sim Updates

We moved to to our own Discord server this month, we are looking to built a community on the server. We have are looking at adding an more extensive advert channel, both as a way to serve the community better and to increase our exposure to the wider world.

I Reached out to a Khitomer conference admin about us doing a voice panel. I am waiting for further response. It would be something we would be looking forward to doing.

My Co-GM and I are working on a few new projects that will increase our story telling but as of right now these are still in the early stages and we are not ready to share.

Crew Updates

No crew updates this month, this is a good thing as a stable number of 6 players and 1 GM is perfect for us. We have plans for the future though.

Story Elements

This month the crew have continued their hunt for the Romulan clones, the Trilithium weapons and the real reason all this is happening!

As a Halloween special we did a full session and a half where the Players played as a Klingon crew. The special was centered around the Voyager pilot but from a Klingon point of view.

Other Information

8.9 post per player



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