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USS Eagle October ’21

USS Eagle October ’21

Sim Updates


October has been a slow month for updates to the site and sim in general. It has been decided that missions shall be planned in more depth and with the XO from the ground up. Using Google docs and discord, Commander Conlon and I will be working up a mission in depth that we can both refer back to throughout the mission. It will have guidelines for us to follow and guidance for the crew to gather inspiration from. I am using the old COAL mission lesson as a basis for our mission plan.

Crew Updates

Three promotions this month:

Lieutenant Ethan Brash will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He has worked hard to keep the Eagle running, as the ships second officer he has shown that he is able to push the story forward.

Lieutenant Dr. Elisabet Intarrah is being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She has become a great member of the crew; her storylines has been entertaining and I am looking forward to seeing more great writing from them.


Lieutenant JG Sibyl Danzer is also being promoted, she has shown that she can write and write damn well. She will be promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant.

Story Elements

We have just finished our current mission and we are re-planning for our next. We have decided to skip the 3rd part of the current mission group as people didn't seem as interested in the Borg arc as i had hoped.

Other Information



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