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Potemkin September ’21

Potemkin September ’21

Sim Updates


The Potemkin has some upcoming changes. None have been finished this month but watch this space for coming events.


Crew Updates

Lieutenant Commander Carl Hedley joined the USS Potemkin this month and took up the post of In character Executive Officer. Tom is a welcome addition to the crew and has already proven to be a great role player. Tom has slotted in with the rest of the players well.

Lieutenant Reeza Ral is another new addition to the Potemkin, Punny has come into the game with energy and willingness that is refreshing.

Lieutenant Commander Elli-Navine was promoted this month, the character has worked hard to improve and understand the fringe sciences and technologies that the Potemkin has been encountering. Out of character Nikki has continue to prove that without her the Potemkin wouldn’t be as good as she is, her work on the website and the podcast are second to none. She is great and we are lucky to have her.

Story Elements


The crew of the Potemkin have been chasing an old Romulan threat. Thought long dead a Romulan programmer launches and assault on the Potemkin. It failed; worse it fuelled the away team to chase the source of the attack. One week, a destroyed star and 60 lights years and they discover a massive under ground base and a small fleet of old Romulan ships. Are they nearing the end of their hunt, or is something more happening?

Other Information

That is 6.72 posts per player under the current counting method.
10.28 posts per month using a low average spoken words per minute count.



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