USS Tesla – September 2020

USS Tesla – September 2020

Sim Updates

September has been and gone and it has been a very busy month for us both IC and OOC.
This month we have seen major improvements made to our website and Discord following on from crew feedback and lessons learned from working with other COs in the fleet.

As part of ongoing improvements we have given enhanced access to our DepartmentHeads on our website and changed to a mobile friendly skin as well as updated and improved all our graphics (a real labour of love on the part of our XO).

Some of the crew asked for additional database entries for IC bits such as the QSD, these have now been added.

The month also brought with it Star Trek Day! To celebrate the crew have been given a unique to the Tesla ribbon. We also ran a posting competition. I have asked around for a celebrity judge, but have been delayed in my efforts. As such I will ask our TFCO to read them and announce a winner.

On top of this I have unfortunately been out of action recently due to a chest infection/flu and I have been tested for covid. I am pleased to be on the mend and writing with my crew again.

Despite all this we have still increased our post count to a solid 38! A good increase on last month.

I would now like some September highlights:

We have been moved to active status.
We achieved a post count of 38
Our website has undergone a successful overhaul.
Our Discord has been improved and overhauled.
We have new and improved graphics for our site.
Our database has had new entries added to make signatures easier to use and provide more IC information for our players.
Will (Ensign Brash) has successfully joined the command team OOC.
We have agreed to finish shakedown and start a new mission.
Matt (XO) To be awarded the good conduct medal, his work on our graphics and posts have been amazing and his help and care this month has been fantastic. Thank you.

Despite a couple of setbacks this month I feel like we still have plenty to be proud of. We still have a way to go but I have every confidence we will get there together. Although there have been a lot of changes we still have things we can improve on as a sim. Some of the things we will be working on next month:

Rework FAQs and posting guide to make them easier to use.
New database entries focusing on world building.
Continuing with recruitment focusing on gaining a CMO and CTSO.
Additional recruitment for Assistant Department Heads.
Starting our first mission outside of RIO.
Command team to review current mission plans for viability and implement new ones.
Engaging more with the players to drive quality posts.

As a CO it never ceases to amaze me how good this crew is. Everyone is helpful, friendly and inclusive in their discussions and posts. You all lift me and each other up and it really is a great place to be.

Crew Updates

Chief Flight Control Officer - Ensign Karl Scheer
Chief of Operations Ensign Ethan Brash
Chief Science Officer Ensign Shanyrria Kelmys
Executive Officer Lt. Commander Sol Dexx

I'd like to thank the above players for sticking with me and our sim. It's been a busy month with a lot of changes out of character and personal trials for the command team. It's not always been easy but the crew have really got behind us so from the command team I say a big thank you!

Joining us:

Lieutenant JG Aurelia de Luna - Joins the IC command team as our Mission Advisor. They fill a new and unique role on the Tesla as they will be responsible for looking after our yeoman, diplomatic specialists and intelligence specialists. They will also fill in bridge positions as required.

Leaving us:
Chief Security and Tactical Officer Lieutenant Theia - left due to commitments taking their own sim independent.
Chief Medical Officer Rook Allende - left due to personal commitments.

These are both sad losses as both players bought something unique to the Tesla in their short time with us. We do wish them both well and the door is always open should they wish to return.

Recruiting for:

Chief Medical Officer **Priority**
Chief Tactical Officer **Priority**
Assistant Department Heads

Story Elements

As a command team we wanted to do an interesting shakedown that felt like a mini mission. But after discussions amongst the command team we feel that shakedown has served its purpose and the time has come to move on, especially with some truly weird and engaging stories such as homicidal holograms, an underground network of XBs and dinosaurs in space waiting in the wings.

With that in mind we will be doing a soft reboot. Using our interactions from shakedown as a foundation we will be starting our first mission!

This mission see's the Tesla being repaired in the New Sydney shipyards. The crew have time for some shoreleave but are quickly recalled as the Tesla begins to suffer some strange, dangerous and sometimes comical technical faults whilst New Sydney comes under threat from Klingon aggression.

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