USS Majestic- Sim Report – Apr-19

USS Majestic- Sim Report – Apr-19

Sim Updates

We are finally getting to put our Silver UOM award on the website. It's been a busy couple of months for me! Did a Nova update and figured out a little glitch that was preventing a crewmember from accessing her character when she logged in. No other changes to website, it seems to run like a well oiled machine!

Crew Updates

Lost one crew member to time constraints, possibly two, haven't finalized the details on that yet. No promotions or awards this month.

Open Positions:
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Counselor
Security Officer

Story Elements

We are just starting our second mission. A member of the crew is missing as all life and any sign of development has disappeared from Marga III minutes after the crew beamed up from shoreleave. The crew will do all they can to investigate from the ship to ensure that Crewman Stef returns to us! Meanwhile crewmembers on board are beginning to feel ill and will start dropping like flies unless the source can be discovered and a cure found.

Other Information



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Posted: April 26, 2019 7:59 pm
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