USS Majestic – Sim Report – Jun-19

USS Majestic – Sim Report – Jun-19

Sim Updates

We are in the process of testing out new skins for the website. I updated mission notes for our new mission, other than that everything is the same. Had one small issue with server but it was fixed quickly.

Crew Updates

We lost two crew members and gained one. Little bit of a sim character cha cha going on. Most of our senior staff positions are filled but we could use a Chief Operations Officer and of course anyone who is very active and wants to help us create great stories!

Welcome Chief Diplomatic Officer Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez!

Story Elements

After celebrating the wedding of Captain Saulitis the Majestic is sent to accommodate the powerful Claddin Empire when they request assistance in a trade dispute. But a routine mission turns into anything but when strange things begin to happen on the ship. Crew members are roused from restful sleep by strange noises while other are unable to fall asleep at all. The brightest minds on the ship begin to feel that they are forgetting things while others report odd visions that some swear are memories that they can't account for. Is the crew of the Majestic just feeling overworked or is something sinister lurking just beyond the veil?

Other Information

We also have a continuing storyline with a streaker on board. One of these days the culprit will be caught. I intend to do a news item about it soon!



Submitted By: kaidasorine
Posted: June 27, 2019 11:29 pm
Updated: June 27, 2019