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SS Fawkes – January 2021

SS Fawkes – January 2021

Sim Updates

I've been super inactive in November and December due to personal circumstances. I've been able to collect myself again in the latter half of January and hope to push forward with new found dedication to the game.

Crew Updates

Due to my inactivity (and also due to some inactivity before that) we are down to 4 crew, including the Captain. The three remaining players have shown dedication and perseverance in continuing to write on the Fawkes. As such I'm confident that the game will continue to go forward in a successful and entertaining manner.

Story Elements

We're arriving at Betazed to wrap up the mission that's been dragging on too long. After we'll do some exciting Salvage operation.

Other Information



Submitted By: rottenemu
Posted: February 1, 2021 8:18 am
Updated: February 1, 2021