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SS Mary Rose – November 2021

SS Mary Rose – November 2021

Sim Updates

Nothing to say on mission changes, website updates, and major goings-on. We have lots going on IC and a to-do list as long as my arm but nothing to show overly for last month other than all the awesome writing.

Crew Updates

New Players:

Katharina Bentz - Engineering
Kalahaeia t'Leiya - Passenger

Change of Characters:

Loss of Player:

Current Open Positions:

Fenris Rangers
And anything else you can think of

Story Elements

We have a more of an open universe concept going on. Mirror Universe continuation, Character development of 2246 characters, Side plots but the main mission is::


Following a distress call from a nearby moon the crew of the SS Mary Rose follow the signal taking them off course from picking up their newest cargo delivery. They discover a fully working holodeck-hotel ship the ‘SS Holoworld’; intact apart from the engines that were damaged on impact. Deciding to do a little scavenging from the ship to see if they can find the medicine they need they beam onboard.

This eventually leads the crew to discover that the holographic ‘hosts’ malfunctioned and caused the damage that crashed the ship. These hosts soon turn on their new guests...

Other Mission Stuff
We have nothing overly going on with our other ships/areas or anything but we are always on the look out for other plots and things to expand out stories with the wider fleet.

Other Information

The new mission and new injection of crew has kick-started the stories we can tell. Really happy with the new players that have joined our little community and helped up achieve NaNoWriMo. You are absolutely awesome and really cannot wait to see where the plots go.



Submitted By: Ehestri
Posted: November 30, 2021 8:12 pm
Updated: November 30, 2021