SS Mary Rose

SS Mary Rose

Sim Updates

No real update. Why fix what isn't broken as the old saying goes. Major focuses have been on the story and plots as our mission is slowly coming to an end.

Crew Updates

New Players:

Change of Characters:

Loss of Player:

Current Open Positions:

Chief of the Boat
Safety Officers
Civilian Coordinator

Story Elements

Lots of on-going stuff offering lots of variety and inclusion. If anyone ever wants to joint mission or use one of the planets/planets we have created please let us know.

SS Mary Rose comes across a Derelict Yeager-type ship. It is perfect to replace the ageing ship that seems to no longer want to work the way that it has always done but is all as it seems when things start to go bump on the new ship.

Other Mission Stuff
Joint mission with our NPC TGCO ship with Heimdall Station. Really getting our teeth into having some fun with the crew over there with a few of us having crew on both.

Other Information

Nothing really to say other than it has been a super fun month. Truly proud of my team and the way they want to tell stories and the sub plots that are created. Some interesting stuff that had brought about lots of pets suddenly appearing on Rosie – Stan the Spider, Ryder’s lab rat and a tiny dinosaur brought in with a new player a few months back. We are fast becoming a floating zoo.

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Posted: February 2, 2020 8:49 pm
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