Starbase 50 – Feb 2020

Starbase 50 – Feb 2020

Sim Updates

This month most of the major changes included a new skin, a new rank set, and updating the uniforms listed on the site. We were also able to get the index card mod and chronological post extensions added to the site. Thanks to some wonderful help, I was also able to add in a new custom header image. Next month's goal is to continue to do minor grades and freshen up the site. We are 5 years old and it's time to do some updates.

Crew Updates

Crew Lost: 1
Crew Gained: 1 Satun t'Rralleen (Civilian)

I have started working on a recruitment plan and sent out a few ads this month. I have also been working with the players who are getting slower and not keeping up. There were no new promotions this month and awards this time around.

Story Elements

Mission Title: The Stuff of Nightmares

Quote: "There comes a point when a dream becomes reality and reality becomes a dream." ~Frances Farmer

Summary: Fear comes to the station, as anti-Federation agents attack the station's environmental controls releasing a neurological agent into the station. As affected crew members start dropping, those unaffected and left behind must manage the station while attempting to figure out what is taking place all over the station. Forced to declare the station under quarantine, it's a race against the clock to figure out what the attackers want and how to wake their sleeping crew. Forced to live out their worst fears, the affected crew are trapped in a realistic nightmare within their own minds. But are things ever honestly that easy, and what do our attackers really have in mind?

Updates: As to future missions the Khitomer meeting really got talks going about future missions and how we will conduct things on the station. Topics are still being discussed and I think there will be some good changes to the game over the next couple of months; more to come on that later!

Other Information

Post Count: 14 solo (Group Effort 22)

Posting is a bit slow at the moment, we've had members on LOA, members on vacation, members sick.. and it's caused a dip in our activity. Nothing to be concerned about.



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