Starbase 621 – February 2020

Starbase 621 – February 2020

Sim Updates

Cosmetically, the site has just about everything I want to get done completed, but as always I still need to tweak a few things. Things could always look a bit cleaner, a wiki article here and there could go with some more information, and the tour could always be updated a bit.

I did update the specifications of the Stardock Class to reflect the new OF guidelines. There wasn't much of a change, mainly in the shuttle and fighter compliment (we got to add the Arrow Runabout!!!).

Crew Updates

We had a player join but we were forced to remove them because of the disruption they were causing. It's something that I personally hate doing, but there are times when they is the only choice. We also lost a restaurant owner due to the player pulling out of all OF sims.

In better news, we also added our station's JAG officer, Lt. Bylaxera Drake who has proven to be very valuable so far. At mission's end, we will be handing out awards and promotions, so expect that in a future Sim Report.

Story Elements

This section will probably be the biggest section of my report. I will need to divide this into three sections to explain it all.

1. SB621: The crew has begun to investigate the causes of the series of bombings that have taken place aboard the station. Another team is attempting to save the station from a dangerous haltothane gas leak. And the cadets are tasked with saving the station's fusion reactors from going full Chernobyl. We also have our TGCO on site to render assistance.

2. As the above story is part of our kickoff of the larger Sons of Cheron (SoC) storyline, there is a need to talk about it. SB 621 is leading the charge with a group of other OF sims as we attempt to weave a cinematic universe type storyline involving a fringe political party going rogue. This is definitely an area that will be pushed further and we will be adding regular OF news stories from the view of the group's own news organization, New Day News (NDN). Stay tuned!

3. As far as the Task Group and Fleet as a whole, 621 is hosting a CO meeting for TF72. It's sort of timey whimey, so the station is newly repaired. We are also working with a few partner sims to have them visit the station on occasion.

Other Information

This has been a banner month for SB621 and I couldn't be more proud of the crew. They have really been active and engaged with the story, I have loveded the original takes they've had on certain plot developments and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing where they have taken things. So here is our list of stats for the month (Feb 27):
Users 8
Playing Characters 8
NPCs 22
Posts (Single): 18
Avg Posts (Single) / User: 2.25
Participation Posts 53
Avg Participation Posts / User: 6.63



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