Starbase 621 – May 2020

Starbase 621 – May 2020

Sim Updates

We have started our new mission. Awards will be handed out during June as we finalize nominations.

Starbase 621's home system has now been fleshed out and now includes a planet that is orbited by the station. Too many details to put here, but our wiki is under construction.

We have also updated our Starbase specs to include our new garrison vessels. They are as follows:
USS Elion - Merian Class
USS Grissom - Nova Class
USS Agrona - Hornet (Holdover)
USS Arsu - Wallace Class
USS Azizos - Wallace Class

Crew Updates

I have changed CO characters to Captain Lamar David, a comeback character from my time on the Yorktown

Kaleetha Sloan has been promoted to Commander as Chief of Scientific Operations (Science/Medical/R&D) for the XO spot

Lieutenant Commander Mattias Kovacs has changed characters to become 2XO and Chief of Strategic Operations (Engineering/Ops/Security)

Lieutenant Commander Amaya Lance has been elevated to the Command staff as the Dean of the station's Academy

On a negative note Lieutenant Asha Macae has decided to leave the sim.

Story Elements

There is too much to include here to go into details, but our site is always open if you want a closer look.

- R&R Mission to take place during the repair and refit of the station
- New Garrison Ships
- Newly fleshed out home system
- New full mission starting next month
- Playing host to a TF 72 tech conference
- Expanded the SoC (Sons of Cheron) shared simematic universe

Other Information

Users - 8
Participation Posts - 33
Avg Participation Posts / User† - 3.67
Single JPs - 11
Avg Single JPs/User† - 4.13
Word Count - 14011



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