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Starbase 621 – September 2020

Starbase 621 – September 2020

Sim Updates

We have kicked off our new mission. More of that will be discussed below in the Story Elements section. Awards are under construction and will be given soon(ish). Outside of new pictures for the new mission and some fleshing out of the Wiki, there haven't been any major updates or upgrades tot eh site.

Crew Updates

There were no crew changes this month.

Story Elements

As mentioned above, we have started our newest mission. It is Episode 3 of Season This mission takes on three storylines as we introduce our part of the Sons of Cheron storyline.
1. The planet Osiris III is home to two colonies. The first is an old mining colony that supplied a large amount of resources to Starfleet for the Dominion War era. The other is a rapidly growing trade hub that has seen exponential growth since the end of hostilities. Luxor, the trade hub, is looking to upgrade itself from a colony to a full Federation member world, leaving the mining colony of Thebes behind.

2. A plague of unknown origin is making sea life and scientists from marine worlds sick in 621's Cetacean Operations. Our science and medical staff will be faced with a race against time to both mitigate the spread of the disease as well as develop a cure.

3. The Academy cadets aboard the station are about to take their brand new Nova class vessel on its first outing. They will be trying to get an up close viewing of a rare nova explosion. However, en route to the viewing area, the cadets will encounter another phenomena when a ship out of time appears.

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