Starbase 718 – Oct 20

Starbase 718 – Oct 20

Sim Updates

Our second month has shown growth not only with the number of posts we have contributed but to the story, Prologue: New Faces. Our Nova has been set up and we are actively recruiting to increase those that can tell our tales.

Crew Updates

We currently have 4 crewmembers, the newest being Lieutenant Thomas Carey who joins us as our new Chief of Security.

We have an interest for someone to become a civilian bartender and we still see how this turns out.

As for now we are still recruiting as I said and will attempt to increase our numbers.

Story Elements

Prologue: New Faces is still currently ongoing. This is the opening mission where new crew board and we get to know each other before main mission begins. Right now there is a nice mix of starting posts from our writers about setting themselves up on the station.

There has been no impact on fleet, taskforce or ship at present.

Other Information




Submitted By: Aranis T'San
Posted: October 31, 2020 7:46 pm
Updated: November 1, 2020