Starbase 718 – Sept 20

Starbase 718 – Sept 20

Sim Updates

Our first month saw the launch of the sim with the mission Prologue: New Faces in which new crew arrives and relationships begin. NOVA is set up and is in the process of a little fine tuning.

Crew Updates

We have myself, our XO and within the month our newest edition of JG, they are our new Chief of Operations.

We have been recruiting hard but are finding it difficult to attract players, with the above the only applicant over the past month. I am hoping the next month will provide more.

Story Elements

This is my first report of the sim so therefore no major events have happened. Also this is our launching mission so no great major events will occur until we are more fully stocked with crew.

There has been no impact on the fleet but I suppose the launch of the Starbase within TF47 has caused a ripple as a CO meeting on the Starbase in ongoing.

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Submitted By: Aranis T'San
Posted: September 30, 2020 10:46 pm
Updated: October 1, 2020