U.S.S. Eagle – September ’21

U.S.S. Eagle – September ’21

Sim Updates


The Eagle has gotten a few website updates. We have a new mission patch, a new commbadge and a new Nova skin. I am working on new banner images for the manifest, they need to be more streamlined, less chunky. 


Crew Updates

We gained a new crew member this month, Lieutenant JG Derrick Fischer who will fill the post of Deputy Chief of Sciences. They are a returning player and we look forward to seeing how they fit in with the Eagle's crew.

My XO took the leap into playing an in-character executive officer as in the last few days. Lieutenant Commander Sunita Conlon. While their 'old' character will remain as a PNPC Steve will now play Sunny as their main character. I have not had the best track record when it comes to XO's but I am hoping that Steve and Sunny will break this trend.

I am very happy that two of my long-standing players have been with the Eagle for an entire year. Lieutenant Ethan Brash and Lieutenant Dr. Elisabet Intarrah. Both have been so important to the continued existence of the Eagle and will remain pivotal to the continued success.

At the end of this mission I will be promoting a number of players, but right now there is no real way to promote characters in story that makes sense.

Story Elements

Collective Escalation is the Eagle's 5th mission. We are nearing the end of events for Escalation; the Borg are using a terraforming tower to seed the atmosphere of Illiran with assimilation nanites. The native Illiran's are immune thanks to their own medical nanites. However, millions of visiting workers, starship crews and visitors are not and by now each of them have been assimilated to some degree or another. The Crew of the Eagle, the only Starfleet ship in the area must not only stop the tower from continuing its dark mission but must reverse the effects. Using a cure to this nanite virus and using the same tower was a way to spread the cure to those infected.

The Borg are unlikely to allow this to happen without a fight, so forces prepare for the coming ground assault.

Other Information

2.26 posts per player for this month.



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