U.S.S. Eagle – October ’20

U.S.S. Eagle – October ’20

Sim Updates

We are doing the build up to our first mission. The Website is pretty much finished, until the mission fully starts there wont be any more updates on the Website. Once we do start we will be updating the site to include new information about the story and the ships we will encounter.

Crew Updates

The Eagle gained 3 crew this month. My 'old' XO became a problem which when i brought them up on it they decided to leave instead of work through it. I gained a new XO and two other crew that day. I am still two short of the minimum 6 though.

Story Elements

Right now we are focusing on arriving aboard the ship and getting to know each other. We have just started a joint post in which the mission will be officially explained to the current senior staff.

Other Information



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Posted: October 27, 2020 2:04 pm
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