USS Andromeda – Aug 20

USS Andromeda – Aug 20

Sim Updates

Gave out several awards this month

Crew Updates

New crew – We had a new player join up as chief flight officer and we had a shuffle round. Due to inactivity we lost our Chief engineering officer and former chief flight officer. The Ops chief moved to Chief Engineer and our Assistant science officer is having a go writing chief of Ops.

Positions still open are: Chief Diplomatic Officer, and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

Arriving at the Agora Crossroads the USS Andromeda, Europa and Merlin are all set to start their second attempt to take down the planet killer via modified photons. However, two unexpected parties turn up before that can be put in place.

A group of Ferengi in a Klingon bird of prey make claim to the planet killer, before an assortment of retrofitted Cetea vessels also turn up claiming ownership. It seems that the Mirror version of Fox was selling her secrets to everyone.

The Cetea leader recognised Reynolds from stopping their attempt on Star base 308 and swears to take him down as his mate died during these events.
Everyone starts shooting and the Cetea vessel heads towards the Andromeda in a game of chicken, managing to in a lucky shot or from leaked information via mirror Fox, to temporarily disable their weapons array.

Our new flight chief arriving on a transport commandeers it and enters into the fray, chasing down one Cetea vessel deliberately keeping out of the fire fight and that captain declares the newest Andromeda crewman as her nemesis.

Meanwhile before this all kicked off relationships continued and crew from both vessels had opportunity to interact with each other. Friendships and even romance are blooming despite the horror outside the bulk heads.

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