USS Andromeda – Oct 20

USS Andromeda – Oct 20

Sim Updates

Updated website to say we had moved to PG15 rating.

Crew Updates

No new crew but some position changes.
Positions still open are: Chief Diplomatic Officer, and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

The crew enjoy some well earned R&R on star base 308. Reynolds also makes some staffing changes. Lieutenant Hawkins gets promoted to Lieutenant and transfers to become the Engineering chief and Lieutenant Lau is moved to the Ops chief.

The Merlin CO throws a party to allow staff to unwind after the climax of their time chasing after and trying to stop the Planet Killer.

Reynolds gets information on the Andromedas next mission. They will be resupplying a fairly new Federation colony in the Beta quadrant.

Other Information

New mission to kick off on the 01.11.20



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