USS Apollo Feb. 2020

USS Apollo Feb. 2020

Sim Updates

We recently began our new mission "Primary Ethics" after a bit of a reboot and taking stock of the current atmosphere aboard the Apollo. This new mission will more completely involve the entire crew instead of sectioning off the various players into multiple story arcs. Given that we have several players that have not had time to get into a good rhythm together, I am hopeful for the upcoming stories.

Crew Updates

Recent additions to the crew are:

Lt. Erin Airey-Chief Counselor/Chief Diplomatic Officer
Ens. Leo Rigsby- Security Officer

Story Elements

Primary Ethics

The crew of the U.S.S. Apollo had been tasked with the observation of a newly discovered, humanoid species near the edge of the explored space in the Beta quadrant. Findings are to be reported in an effort to garner some protections for the civilization with the other powers in the quadrant.

Other Information



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