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USS Arcadia – Dec 2020 Report

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USS Arcadia – Dec 2020 Report

Sim Updates

With the Arcadia standing up for the first time in a while, she has seen things quickly start to happen. So far, we have a new site, a full crew with active players, and a new CO to the ship. We are doing a shake down cruise to get accustom to the ship and crew. Further things to come.

Crew Updates

With the core crew transferring from the Gladiator to the Arcadia, we will list all personnel as though it were a new crew roster.

- Commanding Officer - Captain David Hawkins
- Executive Officer - Lieutenant Commander Liala Ziyal
- Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Lieutenant JG Evalyn Toral
- Assistant Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma
- Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Commander Timia Svidi
- Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Lydia Whitlock M.D.
- Chief Counselor - Lieutenant JG Holly Swan

Outgoing Members:
- None this month

- None this Month

- None this month

Story Elements

A New Legacy
Mission Summary
With an unexpected turn of events of a reassignment and new crew, Captain David Hawkins finds himself working to find his footing. For so long, he was the one fighting the system, and how... he is pulled back into the system. So with the new ship, and new crew, the captain leads them on a shakedown cruise, but will this make him a better man and a leader once again? Or will this truly cause him to throw in the towel?

Other Information

None at this moment!



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Posted: December 31, 2020 10:51 pm
Updated: January 1, 2021