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USS Arcadia – May 2021 Report

USS Arcadia – May 2021 Report

Sim Updates

April 2021 UoM for 72nd!

Crew Updates

Ensign Jaeih t'Rhenn - Engineering Officer
Petty Officer 3rd Class Dante Fox - Damage Control Specialist

Story Elements

Helping Hand
- With the crew of the Arcadia get into a rhythm of life both on the ship and in the new task force, the crew take the mission of a supporting role for those ships and colonies in the sectors. This gives them a new purpose in life and allow them the chance to uplift one another. But as the ship comes to assist another ship, the crew are pulled into investigating of an explosion resulting in the death of a hand full of Starfleet and Federation civilians on board a Starfleet ship. As the investigation unfolds, the crew find an unexpected truth in which brings up more questions then answers.

Global Lockdown
- A new world have agreed to open up negotiations of the Federation and its charter. The details is under way. With decades of experience, the Star Fleet Diplomatic Corps have requested the skilled hands and knowledge of the Arcadia's very own Lieutenant Commander Liala Ziyal to open dialog with the Sucarians on Sucarro 3. But shortly after the delegations begin, Ziyal and the away team soon run into a major stumbling block as Sucarro 3 goes under complete lock down for a planetary religious day. But will this jeopardize the negotiations for the Sucarians in joining the Federation?

Other Information



Submitted By: Hawkins
Posted: June 1, 2021 1:42 am
Updated: June 5, 2021