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USS Arcadia – Nov 2021

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USS Arcadia – Nov 2021

Sim Updates

No major updates to report

Crew Updates

New arrival:

Ensign Verelan
Intelligence Officer

Story Elements

The Goddess - Arcadia/Gladiator mission

The New Day of Reckoning approaches, the Trinity Acolytes are working feverishly to build up the blood needed to give their weapon power while they study the ancient texts for guidance. In an act of vengeance based on out-of-date intelligents the Acolytes stumble upon the Trinity Goddess referred to in the texts. A woman of Three. Believing this goddess is the key to their power they take her to the weapon and begin to filter the stolen blood through her veins in belief this will give her god-like power to destroy their enemies, making the machinery sort of weapon unneeded.

Meanwhile, The USS Gladiator has gone missing. THe USS Arcadia is among the ships searching for the Gladiator. When they find her all life has been taken from the ship. In the arboretum, which is also void of life, they discover a gruesome sign left behind. Bodies void of blood, and a red painting on the wall in a symbol they have come to know. How the hunt is on for the remaining hundreds of lives of the crew of the USS Gladiator.

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