USS Athena – August 2020

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USS Athena – August 2020

Sim Updates

I've tweaked the manifest page with some pretty imagery!
We've started a new mission (Mission Two)!
We celebrated our One Year Birthday! WOOOOOO!

Crew Updates

We've had a new player join us this month: Dot, playing Lt JG Finnley Keating VII - our Assistant Chief Engineer. Genuinely super-excited to have her with us, and what a great start she's made too! To say she was a complete newbie to any kind of simming, she's done an incredible job.

Story Elements

MISSION TWO: "The Shadow of Arachne"
The USS Athena receives a message from the USS Pico, commanded by an old friend of Cmdr Kane's. The Pico has suffered critical damage in the middle of the Badlands, and needs immediate help. The Athena sets a course to mount a rescue. During the journey, Lt P'rel uncovers a strange link between a recent assignee to the Pico and a raid on Starbase 50 - and is worried that there is more to this distress call than first appears.
Upon arriving at the scene, the Athena crew discover that the Pico is virtually dark - no power, no signs of life - until a message comes through: from a Breen captain who has been waiting to exact revenge on the Athena's crew for the loss of his son.
The Pico's core goes critical, severely damaging the Athena just as rescue efforts were about to begin - and two Breen destroyers appear on sensors, preparing to hunt and finish off their wounded prey...

Other Information

I am genuinely proud and overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of posts being produced by the Athena crew. I myself have been beset by work issues and illness, yet they continue to press on without needing my help. Special mention to Lt P'rel for creativity, engagement and general willingness to get people involved and run with new ideas, as well as our newbie Lt Keating - despite being completely new to simming and Nova she has well and truly landed on her feet.

33980 words produced by this bunch over a month, with more to come. Happy Birthday Athena indeed!



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