USS Athena – January 2021

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USS Athena – January 2021

Sim Updates

Ended Mission 2 in the last few days, am permitting shore leave/downtime for little character arcs to take place.

Crew Updates

With the CO promotion to Captain, have managed to hand out some in-character ones too:
XO Taeler promoted to Commander
Jt JG Keating promoted to Full Lt (and Chief Engineer)
Lt Savin promoted to Lt Commander due to length of service

Kristi (Ausra) has requested a 2-week LOA to get some of her mojo back, happy to give her the freedom to do so.
Despite being on LOA himself, Hawkins (P'rel) has definitely contributed more than expected.

Story Elements

The dramatic conclusion to events - trapped in Nightmare Space and with the catastrophic (but accidental) ejection of two warp cores, the crew scramble to figure out their way out of the mess they find themselves in.
Recovering in sickbay from being shot by his own XO, Kane rallies the senior staff. One group heads to engineering to restore their warp cores, the other to deflector control to return the ship (hopefully) home. Both groups battle to overcome their nightmarish visions and fears for the sake of their fellow crewmates.
In the nick of time the cores are reactivated and the ship is blasted back to normal space - heavily damaged but safe.

Having gotten themselves back in three pieces (it's meant to do that), Athena is put into drydock for some repairs and for the crew to take stock of their horrific experiences.

Other Information

Word count tipped over 10k again, particularly pleased by the majority of contributions from the crew this month.
Really pleased with the buy-in from players and the great spirit floating around the Discord channel at the moment. Hopefully moving on to a new mission will give an opportunity for a fresh run at things.



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