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USS Athena – June 2021

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  • June 27, 2021June 28, 2021

USS Athena – June 2021

Sim Updates

No major updates, though we won the Unit of Merit, which is nice! Well done team!

Crew Updates

Kieran (Lt Leiko) has been asked to join the sim's command team. I've known him quite a while and he has been a consistently good fit for the sim since his arrival.

Kristi (Ausra) on temporary LOA.
P'rel classed as LOA due to RL health issues.

Story Elements

Mission Three: "By Artemis' Bow"
The Athena has been sent to the Iuvat system, under strict Federation protection due to the arrival of giant spaceborne creatures called 'Pilgrims'.

The team boarding the 'trader' space station were deliberately trapped in a cargo pod with their air rapidly draining. Taking a huge chance, Kane, Savin and Li pack themselves into small containers and blow the bay seals - at the last moment they are beamed back to Athena where they receive medical care. Post-recovery, Kane is summoned to the shuttlebay, where Keating and P'rel have disturbing news about the shuttle they recovered...
Meanwhile across the system, the USS Cavalier's XO Cmdr Jeron has revealed himself as a traitor, working with the poachers. With the away team from Athena captured, he has the Cavalier sent in the opposite direction - leaving Kane with the choice between rescuing his crew or saving the Pilgrims from the pirates...

Other Information

Another slightly slower month but still on track to maintain a reasonable minimum level of posting.

One or two JFC members know my personal circumstances this month. I had a period of time where posting wasn't coming easy due to a lot of issues going on at home. I'm grateful once again to the players on the sim for their hard work in keeping things going. Our posting rates might be down a bit but the quality is so amazingly consistent and I'm really pleased that this was recognised by the TFCO.



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