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USS Athena – March 2021

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USS Athena – March 2021

Sim Updates

Mission 3 started.
No major updates to the site, though added in partner site banners for connected sims.

Crew Updates

Departure: Lt Dessame Sar (Security Chief)

Welcome: Lt Li (Helm Officer)

Although Lt P'rel is listed as long-term LOA due to prolonged illness, he has been posting/tagging so included as an active crew member.

Story Elements

Mission Three: "By Artemis' Bow"
The Athena has arrived in the Iuvat system, under strict Federation protection due to the arrival of giant spaceborne creatures called 'Pilgrims'. While Cmdr Taeler leads a team to join the USS Cavalier in studying the creatures, Captain Kane takes the Athena in search of the 'traders' sighted in the region that may be planning a hunting expedition for the Pilgrims.
Meanwhile, Kane and Lt P'rel continue to investigate the scattered intelligence reports of this 'Operation Midnight' and its connection to an abandoned Dominion cloning facility in the Rondac system...

Other Information

Over 20k word count and a 4.7-per-person average means one of our best ever months for posting. Lots of high-quality stuff being posted with decent length. I'm so proud of this crew!
Tempted not to advertise the Security Chief role as yet as a 9-strong crew is a good size, however depending on how he does in the next month we may end up losing our CMO and therefore my thinking might change.



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Updated: March 31, 2021