USS Athena – November 2020

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USS Athena – November 2020

Sim Updates

No significant changes; planning to overhaul the wiki at some point soon.

Crew Updates

Welcomed aboard Kieran, playing Ops Chief Xavier Leiko. Very pleased to have him aboard!

XO Taeler has been on semi-LOA due to NaNo commitments, but hoping to have him back fully for December.

Story Elements

With the Athena crippled and attempting to evade the pursuing Breen, the science team develops a risky plan to try to trick their pursuers using a deflector pulse. At the very moment the deflector pulse is turned on, the final device activates and the Athena is thrust into a strange new region of space - although they have escaped the Breen, this region seems to be playing on the minds of the crew, drawing some of their worst nightmares into reality.

Already the crew are getting to grips with their worst fears coming to life - such as walls closing in, or horrific images from past trauma. This has led to the Captain being stunned by the XO having thought he was her Cardassian tormentor from years past.

With the Captain temporarily out of commission, can the crew rally to figure out their next move?

Other Information

Things have ticked-over pretty well this month. Happy to have continued with a good steady pace. Aware that December is traditionally a slower month for many, we're likely to steadily tick into the latter stages of the current plot.



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