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USS Athena – September 2021

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USS Athena – September 2021

Sim Updates

New Mission started this month!
Formally promoted Kieran to XO and added his new character.

We've formally entered Athena's second year of active service in OF!

Crew Updates

Kristi (Lt Ausra Danton) has decided to leave the sim.
John/Emu (Cmdr Taeler) has now departed.

Reviewing our numbers this bring us down to 8 active characters, and we'll be recruiting for a new Chief Science Officer, with Kieran stepping-up to take the XO role. At this point we have not recruited a 2nd Officer, and I'll keep this option under review for the time being.

Story Elements

Mission Four: "With Gleaming Eyes"
By the personal request of Admiral White, the USS Athena has been summoned to the remote Cardassian colony of Ithaca II, where a strange virus has afflicted the population. With the Cardassian government apparently unwilling to send aid, Starfleet has offered humanitarian support to the colonists in order to promote better relations.

Other Information

Posts per player is back up to 4.9 this month, showing what a new mission can do for enthusiasm!
Very pleased with our new XO's initial strides to get people involved and take responsibility. 🙂



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