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USS Defiant – April 2021

USS Defiant – April 2021

Sim Updates

Undergoing some major plan analysis right now. Trying to find a notable way forward.

Crew Updates

This is a bit difficult to answer right now. We are in the middle of some sort of hiatus I believe. After a fantastic March, we hit a bit of a wall in April.

Our Chief Helm/Second Officer departed and most other players went inactive. We likely will be sending out a broad spectrum recruitment post.

The XO is on a real world related LOA as well.

Story Elements

The story is currently on hold while we re-establish active status. We had numerous story posts in progress, but those mostly fell short of completion as each player went inactive.

Other Information



Submitted By: zero1701
Posted: May 4, 2021 5:15 pm
Updated: May 26, 2021