USS Defiant – Feb 2021

USS Defiant – Feb 2021

Sim Updates

A lot of small set up stuff here. Crew quarter assignments (to help flesh out in character) and some tweaks to the interior tour. More to come soon, including tweaks to our custom theme.

Crew Updates

No changes to the crew since last month, but we will be promoting our Navigator/Astrometrics Position and several deputy positions this month.

Story Elements

The USS Defiant launched from her housing above New Vulcan and headed to the in progress Starbase Arcadia to deliver components and supplies for the station and the colony below. En route, the crew gets to know each other better and some conflict arises. While docked at the station, the colonial governor raises a few major concerns to the crew's attention, a viral outbreak among local fauna and a strange leaching effect on the colonies power core, hoping they may be able to provide additional support.

Meanwhile in orbit, just as they are getting ready to end shift, the bridge crew receives an urgent cry for help from the nearby Helios 6 Research Station.

Other Information

Nothing of not this month.



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Posted: March 2, 2021 4:09 pm
Updated: March 3, 2021