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USS Defiant – Jan 2021

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USS Defiant – Jan 2021

Sim Updates

We exist again!

Mission Profile:
Welcome to the Frontier!

The year is 2264. The USS Defiant, a brand new Constitution Class vessel, has been assigned to the untamed Carinae Traverse, a region of space on the very fringes of Federation space waiting to be explored. The vast region surrounding the Carinae Nebula is home to a great number of cultures. Some are familiar faces. Others are being encountered for the first time.

New to the region, the United Federation has a very limited presence. Defiant stands as the primary ship assigned to a fledgling starbase under construction, the lone defender to this fragile presence of the Federation, and the primary means of exploration. Join the crew on a brand new adventure as they explore the Traverse and shape the region and its politics.
Defiant has relaunched with our new mission prompt. We're currently crewing up, though that has actually taken place very quickly.

We are located at a new website, complete with custom sim skin, complements of our XO. We have fleshed out our tour section and are currently working to fill in the various pages needed with descriptions for the sim. Awards themselves are not up on the site yet, though we will likely do end of mission awarding.

Crew Updates

CO: Captain Veronica Reynolds
First Officer/Chief Engineer: Commander Niamh O'Donoghue
Second Officer/Chief Helm: Lieutenant Dante Bishop
Chief Science: Lieutenant Rinix
Chief Tactical: Lieutenant Anders Odegaard
Chief Medical: Yisril Turran
Chief Comms: Adalind Nyffs

Most actively seeking:
Navigation/Astrometrics Officer

Story Elements

Currently Defiant is preparing to launch, headed for the Carinae Traverse. Crew are currently coming aboard and the ship is nearing full readiness. We have just begun our briefing post and will have more to report next month.

Other Information



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