USS Defiant

USS Defiant

Sim Updates

Not a ton to report here. We're moving forward with our first new mission in the reset. Defiant is racing off to rescue the crew of a damaged space station before they fall into the protostar they are orbitting.

Website changes are inbound soon.

Crew Updates

Lt. Dante Rawlins, our Chief Helm, has departed due to personal reasons.

More updates hopefully to come this month.

Positions we are most seeking:
Chief Helm
Chief Security/Tactical
Chief Diplomat

Story Elements

Set in our freshly rebooted continuity, the USS Defiant is prepping for an emergency launch! Just finishing construction at the fledgling Starbase Arcadia, the USS Defiant has been called to action when the Helios 5 research station experiences a catastrophic failure and begins to fall toward the protostar they are researching. With only days to reach them in time, Defiant launches, without much of the crew or supplies they will eventually need.

Other Information



Submitted By: zero1701
Posted: July 1, 2020 7:49 pm
Updated: July 1, 2020