USS Elysium – August 2020

USS Elysium – August 2020

Sim Updates

Updated with our new Award, our website is compliant.

Crew Updates

We again lost two players, one due to RL and one for lack of correspondence.

We are currently advertising for the following positions:

Assistant Chief of Operations
Assistant Chief of Flight Control

Story Elements

We are about to wrap our current mission in time for our September challenge against the USS Pioneer!

We are packing up and getting out of 1664 before someone screws with the timeline any more.

Other Information

September Challenge: Write a JP with as many Characters as you can this month!
ULTRA CHALLENGE: 200 NOVA counted posts or more USS ELYSIUM(72) V USS PIONEER(47)



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Posted: August 30, 2020 10:56 pm
Updated: August 30, 2020