USS Elysium – August 2021

USS Elysium – August 2021

Sim Updates

Updated the site's manifests with new banners, And have been working on the deck listing to hopefully have it complete by next report.

Crew Updates

New Players

Lieutenant Kathleen O’Shea - Strategic Operations Officer


The Following Chief role is open:

  • Chief Intelligence Officer: Rank Lieutenant
  • Fighting Tigers - The 45th Tactical Wing - Group Commander: Rank: Major
  • Onboard Starfleet Academy Commandant: Rank: TBD.
  • The Following Assistant Chief roles are open:

  • Assistant Chief of Flight Control: Rank Ensign
  • Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer: Rank Lieutenant JG
  • Wing Commander: Rank Marine-Captain
  • Crew Awards

    6 Months Time Served

    Master Sergeant Kieran Fredericks First Sergeant
    Lieutenant JG Kara Hoffman Assistant Chief Engineer

    2 Years’ Time Served

    Lieutenant Nevada McKay Assistant Chief Science Officer

    Commander Gary Taylor and Corporal David Tonelly are tied and awarded the Highest poster of the Month! - August 2021

    Story Elements

    Our current mission;

    has got it all! Surprises for the crew! a Villian from ages Past! Political intrigue and for the Marines, a chance to show they are more than pretty faces! - And some may never return.

    Sub-mission: Darkness Rising - Phoenix and her ragtag bunch have been joined by Arrianna Salannis an Vantar, rescued her from a fate worse than death and now are on the run from a man they thought they had handled. Opps..

    Other Information

    Number of Players: 23
    Active Players: 19
    Players on LOA/ELOA: 4
    Posts per player count: 8.7



    Submitted By: phoenix-lalor
    Posted: August 31, 2021 8:35 pm
    Updated: September 3, 2021