USS Elysium – December 2020

USS Elysium – December 2020

Sim Updates

So this busy bee has been working hard and with the help of Becca, the Elysium has a new skin. This meant revamping our Department banners EG: as well as Jill mucking with HTML colours for our LACRS. We also updated our Join page so that prospective players can be sure they are aware of our basic rules. This led to our CO figuring out that the SIM Page was lacking, as it only had a boring image so that got revamped and is now looking very colourful. And informative. We updated our main page with a new year and a more current introduction, along with images of our CO and XO.

On the Fleet Side, The USS Elysium has made its presence known with two very different news items. One was a news article around our mission to the Mirror universe: KNOW THY SELF and
Character Spotlight: S'hib. The crew of the USS Elysium are more than willing to share their stories with the fleet, in the hopes that people will enjoy them. Our science chief just hopes that it will lure more people to her science lab --HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED by 99.999% of the crew. --

Crew Updates

December is a good month, the crew gets involved with our annual party post and we gained two new players: Ensign Damien Blackford, a security Ensign and Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi Our new chief of Operations! We have been advertising for a Chief of Intelligence and after a long arduous search, right on the last day of the month, we were happy to approve Lieutenant Allegra Dahl to our game! Bringing our total player count to 22 just in time for 2021!


The Following Chief role is open:

Chief Diplomatic Officer: Rank Lieutenant

Fighting Tigers - The 45th Tactical Wing - Group Commander: Rank: Major

Onboard Starfleet Academy Commandant: Rank: TBD.

The Following Assistant Chief roles are open:

Assistant Chief of Flight Control: Rank Ensign

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer: Rank Lieutenant JG

Marine Executive Officer: Rank 1st Lieutenant

Wing Commander: Rank Marine-Captain


We congratulate the following crew on the following Time served awards:

Lieutenant Alicia Kelea-Salik Our Chief Counselor.

Promotion Month is January and we are, the command team, are making a list and checking it twice... sorry that was Gary pretending to be Santa to the Ships children... but in all seriousness, there will be a couple of promotions happening.

Story Elements

So this month we are on our holiday respite from the 12th of december to the 3rd of January. So posts are down this month but hey they are about to pick up when we have our roll call week. But our current mission is:Season 4: Episode 3: Guided by Starlight; 50 years ago, a colony group left Earth, their destination a distant planet near Klingon space.
Their vessels do impulse to Warp 1. So the Federation rotate their escort vessels every 6 months. And it is the Elysium's turn. And knowing the Ely's track record, we know it is not going to go smoothly as they complete the journey.
Also, we have moved years to 2397 in game!

Other Information

The obligatory Riker Gif....

Our posting numbers are down slightly but it is to be expected as my crew have worked very hard over the past few months. And we are in our holiday period thus, Elysium's Holiday Policy is in effect until the 03.01.2021/01.03.2021.
2021 is now here! And we, wish everyone a great 2021!



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