USS Elysium – June 2020

USS Elysium – June 2020

Sim Updates

Website had no updates though we did have a few glitches due to the fact that the CO is NOVA INEPT.

Crew Updates

We lost the following crew:

Ensign Conor Cage - Left due to Covid related issues
Lieutenant JG Maxmillio (Max) Solanga MA, Rev. - was removed due to lack of response and posting.
Lieutenant Carter Smith - This one due to Player actions and abuse of the CO.
1st Lieutenant Corisk Malluk - unable to maintain posting stats due to RL

That said, we gained:

Lieutenant JG Devin xi'Indrai
1st Lieutenant Mark Cross

We are currently undertaking a small audit of players as some are very close to missing the posting requirement.

Story Elements

We are currently in 1664, and trying to figure out why we are receiving a Starfleet Distress signal from the British Isles in our current Mission:

Season 3- Episode 4 - Cause and Effect
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The USS Elysium is sent deep into the Alpha quadrant heading towards the Gamma Quadrant sans wormhole. They come to a sector of space known as the Void. It is an area surrounded by multiple nebular and once inside, there is no light at all. Just tracking beacons.No warp allowed through the sector. As they travel through the void, it is a long 7 day journey at impulse only, strange events occur.

Other Information

Our Game Statistics

Users 22
Playing Characters 22
NPCs 53
Mission Posts 90
Personal Logs 0
Totals 90
Avg Mission Posts / User† 4.09
Avg Personal Logs / User† 0
Avg Entries / User† 4.09



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Updated: June 30, 2020