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USS Elysium – June 2021

USS Elysium – June 2021

Sim Updates

No Updates to our website this month. We are just cruising along, posting and getting ourselves into messes we cannot fix. You know, the normal.

Crew Updates


The Following Chief role is open:

Fighting Tigers - The 45th Tactical Wing - Group Commander: Rank: Major

Onboard Starfleet Academy Commandant: Rank: TBD.

The Following Assistant Chief roles are open:

Assistant Chief Operations Officer: Rank Lieutenant JG

Assistant Chief of Flight Control: Rank Ensign

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer: Rank Lieutenant JG

Marine Executive Officer: Rank 1st Lieutenant

Wing Commander: Rank Marine-Captain

Crew removed

We had to remove two players this month due to lack of posting and communication.
Cara Starr - has been banned for 6 months from the USS Elysium due to player neglect and abandonment.
Edward Renfrew - Removed due to lack of communication.
We lost another player due to RL
Lieutenant JG Siora Carberos - left due to RL commitments

We congratulate the following crew on the following Time served awards:

6 months Time Served

Ensign Damien Blackwood Security Officer
Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi Chief of Operations

Story Elements

Our current mission;

has got it all! Surprises for the crew! a Villian from ages Past! Political intrigue and for the Marines, a chance to show they are more than pretty faces!

Sub-mission: Darkness Rising - Phoenix and her ragtag bunch have been joined by Arrianna Salannis an Vantar, rescued her from a fate worse than death and now are on the run from a man they thought they had handled. Opps..

Other Information

We have 22 writers, 4 on LOA or ELOA thus 18 active players.
22.42 Post count per player



Submitted By: phoenix-lalor
Posted: June 26, 2021 11:43 pm
Updated: July 2, 2021