USS Elysium – March 2020

USS Elysium – March 2020

Sim Updates

We have not updated our new specifications yet, this is due to CO LOA due to work and RL. We have yet to move our banner to our new TG but the CO will get there, maybe by May the way work is going. The site remains in tip top condition with all links and such active.

Crew Updates

We have a new Helms Officer. Who has jumped in with both feet.
No departing crew. One on ELOA.

Story Elements

We have wrapped a mission and are now docking at Starbase 1, for upgrades and R&R. Our Romulan tormentor has been banished to the far side of the galaxy with no warp core.

Other Information

Our stats are low this month. Concerning but not really that important. Elysium is a big ship and crew with big JPS going on at odd times. This happens to be that time. as the average is 2.43 posts per user, I am fine with our stats this month.

Last Month This Month
22 Users 21
23 Playing Characters 21
39 NPCs 39
58 Mission Posts 51
0 Personal Logs 0
58 Totals 51
2.64 Avg Mission Posts / User† 2.43
0 Avg Personal Logs / User† 0
2.64 Avg Entries / User† 2.43



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Posted: March 31, 2020 10:18 am
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