USS Elysium – May’20

USS Elysium – May’20

Sim Updates

This month, the CO Fixed the broken links to OF on her front page and will be adding the UoM for April to the page in the next couple of days.
My crew were very happy about that, and the general moral went up.

Still looking for DIPLOMATIC Rank pips that actually show a differentiation in Rank! If anyone knows where i can find them, please let me know!

Our LCARS page got a revamp but it will probably be reworked again over the next few months.

Crew Updates

May was an extremely sad month for the players of the USS Elysium, crew wise. Since I took over in 2018, one player remained with me when we migrated from Admiral Sharr to Commander Lalor's Command. This player, Willow, was a mainstay and a member of the senior staff as well as a member of the Command council. But we had not heard from Willow or her character Liselle Qwyyn since January 2020. Now due to Covid and the state of the world we chose to let the situation ride. But in April, we made the call to issue a final email requesting contact. Willow's character was the Chief of Flight Control and it is a very important role on a starship, one that we needed to keep active. When we received no reply, we had to sadly remove Willow from the USS Elysium game. She is welcome back at anytime, as we understand that COVID is pretty tough and she was a person who traveled a lot for work.

We also lost our cadet due to Covid-19 reasons. They as well are welcome back at any time.

That said, we did gain two new players:

Ensign River Lokaa - Security/Tactical officer
Ensign Conor Cage - Intelligence officer

We welcome them to the family.

Story Elements

We have commenced our next mission: Cause and Effect:
The USS Elysium is sent deep into the Alpha quadrant heading towards the Gamma Quadrant sans wormhole. They come to a sector of space known as the Void. It is an area surrounded by multiple nebular and once inside, there is no light at all. Just tracking beacons.No warp allowed through the sector. As they travel through the void, it is a long 7 day journey at impulse only, strange events occur.

By Strange, I mean thrown back in time to the year 1664! Much to our wonderful Assistant Director of Temporal Investigations' chagrin. He already believes our CO plays fast and loose with time-streams... this just apparently confirms it.

Other Information

Users 24
Playing Characters 24
NPCs 54
Mission Posts 169
Personal Logs 3
Totals 172

A little down on last month. One player suggested we aim for 300, I gave him time out in the brig for his suggestion - Does he want us to die!?!?

Avg Mission Posts / User† 7.04
Avg Personal Logs / User† 0.13
Avg Entries / User† 7.17



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