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USS Elysium – November 2020

USS Elysium – November 2020

Sim Updates

Ah yes we won the UoM for October which made my crew very happy. They are extremely proud to be recognised by the fleet in this way. Q himself approves!

We have updated our manifest images with many thanks to Captain Carter of the USS Eagle. I am also slowly linking certain parts of our deck listing to tour images

Crew Updates


Lieutenant S'hib to Lieutenant Commander!


We congratulate the following crew on the following Time served awards:

Lieutenant Olivia (Carter) Voight


The Following Chief role is open:

Chief of Operations: Rank Lieutenant

Chief of Intelligence: Rank Lieutenant

The Following Assistant Chief roles are open:

Assistant Chief of Flight Control: Rank Ensign

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer: Rank Lieutenant JG

Marine Executive Officer: Rank 1st Lieutenant

Wing Commander: Rank Lieutenant JG

New Crew

We gained two new players:
Ensign Ethal Luen
Cadet Senior Grade Kedar Rackthorn.
We welcomed back:
Lieutenant Gallia Norris

Departed Crew

We said goodbye to:
Lieutenant Korath - Due to concerns around a former player and their actions.
Lieutenant JG Isaac Drake - Due to Inactivity
Lieutenant Commander Turak - Due to a disagrement around how much handholding is required for an Assitant chief

Story Elements

We completed Season 4: Episode 2: Rest And Relaxation this month and have started our new current mission which will take us from the month of November 2396 to 31st of December 2396! Just in time for us to shout

Our Current mission is:
Season 4: Episode 3: Guided by Starlight Where we, after nearly 4 years are again on Escort duty. If they end up in the Andromeda Galaxy again, Phoenix is quitting!

Other Information

I leave you with this really cool Riker's gif for our TFCO

Our posting numbers are down slightly but for an R&R mission it is to be expected as my crew have worked very hard over the past few months. And we will be entering our holiday period shortly which will put into force our Holiday posting Policy. Elysium's Holiday Policy



Submitted By: phoenix-lalor
Posted: November 30, 2020 9:52 am
Updated: November 30, 2020